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Vitiligo Bond’s Ambassador/Volunteer State Advocate Program

You are the expert on vitiligo. You know how vitiligo impacts your health, lifestyle, family and work. Your community and state needs to know, too! Volunteer to serve as an official liaison between Vitiligo Bond Inc., (VBI) and your community and state representative as a Vitiligo Ambassador.

Current Ambassadors/Volunteer State Advocates Include:

Mr. Karl Dunbar, New York Jets Defense Coach (New Jersey)

Bishop Cooper and The Revelations (Arkansas)

Jeff Swan (West Virginia)

Tiffany Jefferson (South Carolina)

Cawanda Evans (North Carolina)

Courtney Simon (Louisiana)

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An Ambassador’s Job: 

Vitiligo Ambassadors commit to building strong relationships with their community and their state and to advocate the organization’s goals. Ambassadors receive exclusive briefings from program director within the field and then engage in the use of their talents or assigned optional tasks such as:

  •   Interacting with state representative in their local area throughout the year
  •   Inviting state representatives to participate in vitiligo local events
  •   Promoting VBI’s vitiligo goals within their community

Vitiligo Ambassadors serve as a pivotal links to their community and state. Join us today and help make Vitiligo history!

 1.Vitiligo Ambassador Role:

Vitiligo Ambassadors represent Vitiligo Bond’s most engaged and elite volunteers. Ambassadors serve as official liaisons between Vitiligo Bond and their state and federally elected officials. The Ambassador Program serves a strategic function of Vitiligo Bond’s mission by establishing and building a strong grassroots network, ensuring that your state is aware of the needs of people living with vitiligo and is primed to take action.

 2.Vitiligo Ambassador Responsibilities: 

  •   Represent Vitiligo Bond’s legislative priorities to elected officials in a timely manner;
  •   Participate in scheduled webinars, or listen to call recordings shortly thereafter, and complete tasks as assigned;
  •   Participate in state and local initiatives as needed
  •   Hold a copy of vitiligo state proclamation
  •   Play an “action oriented” role in the community and Facebook communities (i.e. become a VBI member, reach out to local physicians, help develop partnerships, etc.)

  3. Vitiligo Ambassador Skill Sets:

  •   Proven passion surrounding the vitiligo community.
  •   Interest in building and maintain relationships with community.
  •   Commitment to Vitiligo Bond’s priorities.
  •   Ability to think strategically, broadly, and outside the box.
  •   Willingness to learn and capacity to lead others.

 4. Flexible Expectations:

  •   Fulfill the member responsibilities as outlined above.
  •   Actively participate on calls and in meetings.
  •   Commit for 1 year to complete assigned Ambassador Tasks.
  •   Vitiligo Ambassadors are not authorized to use the Vitiligo Ambassador title to support a legislative agenda not outlined by VBI.

Vitiligo Ambassador Schedule:
Stay tuned for an upcoming email.
Briefing materials will be emailed prior to the start of each call. 

5. Acknowledgment: Vitiligo Bond is a coalition member with The National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) and a voluntary health grassroots organization that depends on its volunteers to participate in the planning and implementation of initiatives. I HAVE READ THE ABOVE AND UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE COMMITMENT INVOLVED IN THE VITILIGO AMBASSADOR PROGRAM.

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