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New support group in Virginia-Be The True You Tour

Mrs. Yarborough was one of our advocates who decided to take it to another level in her state of Virginia.  Ms.Yarborough consulted and worked with CEO, Mrs. McCarthy remotely to get her group started in her state of Virginia.  Ms. Yarborough planned her first meet and greet.  Thank you to the sponsors who helped Mrs. Yarborough with… Read More

Macy’s Collaborates with Vitiligo Bond Inc

Macy’s partners with Vitiligo Bond Inc to bring awareness to vitiligo and to show members how to apply Dermablend.  Vitiligo Bond, CEO coordinated a program and featured youth in the community rocking the runway, advocating for vitiligo, and performing anti-bullying songs.

CEO of National Vitiligo Bond Inc Foundation was honored by MIPO

CEO of National Vitiligo Bond Inc Foundation was honored by MIPO for making the impossible possible. Thank you “Making the Impossible Possible” (MIPO) for the recognition awards from your organization and citations from New York state legislative officials for the advocacy work done by CEO, Mrs. McCarthy at National Vitiligo Bond Inc Foundation. #MIPO #VitiligoBond #VitiligoAwareness… Read More

New Houston Vitiligo Support Group-Be The True You Tour

  D’Lyric Inspired is excited to join forces with Vitiligo Bond Inc., (VBI), which was founded in November 2010 by Natasha Pierre-McCarthy, who is also a Vitiligan (a person with Vitiligo). VBI is a registered nonprofit 501c(3) organization based out of Atlanta, GA. that aims to provide support for those living with Vitiligo. Currently, Vitiligo… Read More

TGI Friday’s Vitiligo Awareness Monthly Meet-ups

Vitiligo Bond’s Vitiligo Awareness Face 2 Face Meetups Welcome to Vitiligo Bond’s Vitiligo Awareness Face 2 Face Meetups Network. Vitiligo Bond is the premier Georgia organization dedicated to issues unique to youth, adults and vitiligo. Vitiligo Bond provides resources, connections, and outreach so that youth and adults feel supported, empowered and hopeful. It is Vitiligo… Read More

Thank You Community Partners

Thank you to our Georgia community partners for your continued support. Vitiligo Bond, Inc and MEG Enterprises, LLC “Be The True You” Vitiligo Awareness Press Conference was a huge success.


Please join Vitiligo Bond Inc., (VBI) and MEG Enterprises, LLC (MEG) at their press conference on Thursday, November 17th, 2016 at the Atlanta Sheraton Hotel, 165 Courtland Street, NE, Atlanta, GA 30303 from 6:00 to 10:00PM.  The press conference will shed light on the concerns and challenges of people with vitiligo.  Medical doctors, legislative officials,… Read More

Vitiligo Bond’s Educational Outreach Program

During the summer month through fall from 2013-present, Vitiligo Bond’s outreach education team met with hundreds of people in the public to share outreach information about vitiligo. We credit this to NIAMS partners who support our outreach education programs by providing our organization with the resource handout materials we need to share with the public. We also have had… Read More


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