National Vitiligo Bond Inc Foundation

Let Your Light Shine! Awareness+Empowerement+Support


All position listed below are on a volunteer level!

Executive Board 

Natasha Pierre McCarthy CEO & Founder

Vice President Dr. Strong

Chief Financial Officer Ms. Harrison

Community Program Director Ms. Priloueau

Marketing Mr. McCarthy

Public Relations Ms. Johnson & Ms. Shah

Coordinator- Vacant

Volunteer Spokes Youth & Model -Nicklya Brantly aka KK

To connect with a spokesperson or leader in your state send us an email or fill out contact page below and check out some of our registered leaders on our “Get Involved” tab then click ambassadors and see list of people you can connect with.

For more information on our “Youth & Family Mental Health” and Enrichment & Strength Programs contact us at 404-997-2201

Vitiligo Bond Inc.
Registered 501(c)3

Red Oak PO Box 1541, Red Oak, GA 30272
Phone: 404-997-2201
Live Group Support: