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Guideline on how to deal with bullies


This guide was created for our kids and parents living with vitiligo. This guide is useful and some of the tips you may already know. The important thing to do is to let someone know that you are being bullied. No one should have to be mistreated and live in silence. If you have a child in school, become active in the child’s classroom. Make a presentation to the class with approval from the teacher so that the kids can become aware of your son or daughter skin condition. Thank you for supporting our efforts!

Bullying is a serious problem, and many schools report that bullying among kids happens on a daily basis.  Bullies come in all shapes and sizes, and most of us have to deal with them at one point or another in our lives.

The good news is that because bullying has made national headlines, schools are taking a strong-stand against bullying.

Here are some smart strategies to keep you from becoming a target of bullying, and to stop bullying that has already started.

Buddy up for safety 

Two or more friends together are less likely to be picked on, than a child who is all alone. It’s advisable to use the buddy system (be with a buddy as much time as possible) when on the school bus, in the lunch room, or wherever bullies may lurk.

Keep calm and carry on

Hold your anger.  If a bully strikes, your best defense would be to remain calm, ignore hurtful remarks, or tell the bully to stop, and simply walk away. Bullies thrive on hurting others. A child who isn’t easily upset does not interest a bully, and has a better chance of staying off a bully’s attention span.

Remove the temptation

If it’s your lunch money or electronic gadgets that the school bully is after, you can help neutralize the situation by taking a lunch pack from home instead of money, and go to school gadget-free.

Ignore the bully

Act brave, walk away and ignore the bully.  Simply walking away or using humor to combat aggressiveness could get the bully to stop. Bullies often give up when they don’t get a response from their target.

Talk about it

If you are being bullied; talk about it with your parents and other family members; who may share their own experiences.  Be brave enough to discuss it.  This will encourage your parents to consult with the school to learn its policies and find out how staff and teachers can address the situation.

Don’t try to fight the battle yourself

Your parents could talk to a bully’s parents, which can be constructive.  However, it’s generally better to do so in the presence of a school official, such as a counselor, who can mediate.




Natasha Pierre McCarthy is the proud founder of Vitiligo Bond Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and encouragement to individuals with vitiligo. From a vision through teaching as a Christian business professor, Vitiligo Bond was created. We educate through creative forms to patients and the public. Through vitiligo 101 sessions at Emory University with Dr. Holla, special community events, social media, partner support groups, public figures and state leaders we are able to bond and have available support for anyone suffering with vitiligo. Vitiligo Bond has created a path for vitiligo awareness and positive expression. We now have the following states through Governor Proclamations that recognize vitiligo awareness: {Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, & West Virginia}. In addition, Vitiligo Bond has been recognized by Congressman Hank Johnson. Congressman Johnson was also instrumental in our advocacy efforts to help get special recognition during the month of June from our President Obama to recognize and stand together with people who suffer with vitiligo. I believe that God created us for a purpose and everyone deserves the right to have fullness and a quality life. We all have the ability to shine. Vitiligo Bond Inc. is constantly working to raise awareness of the mysterious illness and use their platform in order to fund research that will hopefully lead to the discovery of the cause and a cure for vitiligo.

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