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Respect, Honor & Congratulations to Dr. Strong

Greta R. Strong, Ed.D., MPA., MSc., HS-BCP, Vitiligo Bond’s Vice President and founding member.  Without her Vitiligo Bond would not be in existence…. And a man said, Speak to us of self-knowledge. And he answered, saying: Your hearts know in silence the secrets of the days and the nights. But your ears thirst for the… Read More

June 2014 Vitiligo Awareness Month Celebration-Fashion Show

Vitiligo Bond will be part of an event 6/14/14 which will feature a fashion show for vitiligo awareness month June 2014. We will feature women and men vitiligo models. If you will like to be a model or sponsor of the event send an email to For more information see link for more details:… Read More

How vitamin deficiencies can trigger vitiligo?

What’s up with the amount of Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 levels in our bodies? At our Emory support group we learned that people with vitiligo may be lacking certain vitamins that are the building blocks for skin color (melanin).  If you spot a white spot on your skin and it begins to spread seek… Read More

How phenols can trigger vitiligo?

Have you noticed that their seems to be more and more people popping up with vitiligo? At our Emory vitiligo support group we learned that people with vitiligo have a low tolerance for oxidative stress.  One key trigger to the spread of vitiligo is phenols. Phenols are found in many foods, plants and man-made products. Phenols can trigger or spread… Read More

Emory University Dermatology & Vitiligo Bond Support Group

Our first meeting was very informative. We learned many things play a role in triggering vitiligo. Did you know that there are certain types of foods that can trigger the spread of your vitiligo patches? Dr. Holla who is an expert in vitiligo in India graced us with his presence at Emory University and shared… Read More

Vitiligo Social Impact

                    Children like Nicklya are bullied everyday for having vitiligo and appearing different.  Help support Vitiligo Bond’s vitiligo awareness campaign.

June-Vitiligo Awareness Month & June 25 World Vitiligo Day

Imagine finding white spots on your skin that spread for no apparent reason. This change in physical appearance can be terrifying and confusing. Living with vitiligo can make it difficult to be comfortable in your own skin. The lack of public understanding and overt discrimination faced by many vitiligans can make simple daily tasks, like… Read More

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