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Vitiligo Social Impact

                    Children like Nicklya are bullied everyday for having vitiligo and appearing different.  Help support Vitiligo Bond’s vitiligo awareness campaign.

June-Vitiligo Awareness Month & June 25 World Vitiligo Day

Imagine finding white spots on your skin that spread for no apparent reason. This change in physical appearance can be terrifying and confusing. Living with vitiligo can make it difficult to be comfortable in your own skin. The lack of public understanding and overt discrimination faced by many vitiligans can make simple daily tasks, like… Read More

What is green juice?

In our vitiligo community we love green juice, plant based, and clean eating! Some of our members even I have seen repigmentation in our skin as a result of the change in our diet.  Stress can cause inflammation in the body.  One way we can help our body is by doing something healthy like juicing!… Read More

Meditation reduces stress

        Vitiligo is linked to stress! Did you know that 10 minutes a day of meaningful and heartfelt meditation can reduce stress and rewire your brain? Find your favorite prayer and say it heartfelt before you start your day. My favorite prayer before I leave my bed in the morning is: O Angel… Read More

What is vitiligo root cause?

[socialpoll id=”2182341″] Vitiligo may appear to be contagious but it’s not.  When someone gets a diagnosis from the dermatologist that they have vitiligo it can seem like the end of the world. The important thing to learn from having vitiligo is to know that with God on your side you can accomplish anything.  The key… Read More

Why is vitiligo awareness important?

            Vitiligo awareness is important for adults as well as our children who cope with vitiligo.  This is Niyannah and she has vitiligo.  Niyannah vitiligo started when she was two years old.  Being an inspiration to Niyannah gives her hope.  She is a beautiful star with so much potential. Click this… Read More

Emory Healthcare partners with Vitiligo Bond

Featured in photo Dr. Sulochana Bhandarkar, Emory Healthcare and Natasha Pierre McCarthy CEO & Founder, Vitiligo Bond Inc. Emory Healthcare partners with Vitiligo Bond to bring more awareness and support for Vitiligo.  To find out more about January 2014 upcoming event with featured guests and latest procedures and findings at Alperin Auditorium, (1525 Clifton Road,… Read More

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