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Minority with Vitiligo-Free Download: Dr. Spritz Vitiligo Questionnaire

Free Download! Dr.-Spritz-Vitiligo-Questionnaire Information below provided by Vitiligo Support International! As many of you know, we are working to discover the genes that cause vitiligo. Understanding these genes will help us understand the basic biology, a key first step towards better treatments or cure. We have now completed the first large genetic studies in Caucasians,… Read More

No Bullying

Vitiligo is a word that is hard for some to pronounce.  When people see vitiligo is often misunderstood and people view it as contagious.  Featured above are some of our young Vit Stars learning to speak up and speak out about vitiligo. The misunderstanding of the skin disorder can cause discrimination and bullying.  Click this link… Read More


Meet Darcel a fellow Trinidadian.  She is a successful clothing designer and she has vitiligo.  Darcel skin appears white because her skin naturally depigmented.  Darcel is also a member of Vitiligo Bond.  Click on the link below to see Darcel’s interview. Darcel’s Interveiw [socialpoll id=”2175254″]

Can you live with vitiligo?

    Meet Winnie a bright aspiring young model.  She is beautiful and she is doing her thing with vitiligo.  Let your light shine!  

Overcomer: Bishop Cooper and The Revelations

                      Here is one of Vitiligo Bond’s members and spokesperson. Bishop Cooper and The Revelations.  He is a new gospel artist and he has vitiligo.  It takes a lot of strength to overcome. Click here to listen to one of his songs…… Vitiligo Awareness PSA  

How To Start A Support Group Guide

Vitiligo Bond’s Vitiligo Awareness Support Group Leader Events Guide © Who can start a support group? A Vitiligo Awareness Support group can be hosted by any one person or persons interested in serving as advocates for the mission and vision of Vitiligo Bond Inc. within their community. Why did we write a support guide? Many… Read More

VBI’s FAQ’s & Vitiligo Support Resources

How to find a dermatologist? Here is the website: What’s the cost of treatment & insurance coverage? Check with your insurance carrier to find out if vitiligo treatment is covered.  Vitiligo may be classed as a cosmetic disorder therefore some insurances carriers may not pay for treatment of vitiligo.  Average cost after deductible is… Read More


Vitiligo Bond Inc., Action Tips on How to Manage Vitiligo © Get diagnosis and treatment Organize your thoughts Get a plan of action Control your emotions Join a  Support Group Be a leader and shine  STRESS & WELLNESS MANAGEMENT HELPFUL  ASSESSMENT LINKS Wellness Worksheets: Self-Esteem Inventory: How Comfortable Are You in Social Situations: Recognizing… Read More

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