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Radical Self-Expression Summit Press Release


Radical Self-Expression Summit provides a space for women and men to explore how the practices of self-love and self-expression can benefit their communities.

Atlanta, Georgia (March 10, 2014) We are delighted to announce a unique event created to explore and celebrate the contributions of 9 extraordinary Atlanta women entrepreneurs. This wellness-focused summit will use storytelling, dialogue, visual art, music, and fashion to recognize positive impact among women leaders. 


  • A multiple-time New York Bestselling author, and award-winning journalist/blogger
  • An environmental activist who represented her  non-profit organization as an invited guest to the White House Women and the Environment Summit
  • An internationally acclaimed Marketing Expert whose Conscious Marketing skills have played integral roles in the careers of some of Atlanta’s most celebrated musical and visual artists
  • An emcee whose unmistakable confidence and positivity represents the Goddess mindset that many women seek to embody

among other brilliant Lightworkers whose commitment to wellness have significantly enhanced the quality of life for thousands of women and men.

The honorees and their work are the event’s focal points, and the poetry and prose from the spiritual novel, Radical Self-Expression Manifesto will underscore the evening via book readings and the sharing of deep inquiry and meaningful dialogue.

Additionally, our guests will enjoy fashion and art by way of our “mini-fashion shows” embedded throughout the event. The shows will highlight 9 “statement T-shirt” designs that complement the energy of Radical Self-Expression.

Our models will be provided through our partnership with Atlanta-based, Vitiligo Bond, Inc, a non-profit organization that supports awareness and treatment for the skin condition made popular by Pop icon, Michael Jackson.

Our partnership with Vitiligo Bond is ideal as their purpose is to foster self-love, self-confidence, and self-expression among those living with Vitiligo and those looking to support them. This partnership also helps our In-Kind Donations to be tax-deductible.  

Learn more about Radical Self-Expression Summit at


Akilah S. Richards

Ph: 678.825.4569






Natasha Pierre McCarthy is the proud founder of Vitiligo Bond Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support and encouragement to individuals with vitiligo. From a vision through teaching as a Christian business professor, Vitiligo Bond was created. We educate through creative forms to patients and the public. Through vitiligo 101 sessions at Emory University with Dr. Holla, special community events, social media, partner support groups, public figures and state leaders we are able to bond and have available support for anyone suffering with vitiligo. Vitiligo Bond has created a path for vitiligo awareness and positive expression. We now have the following states through Governor Proclamations that recognize vitiligo awareness: {Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, & West Virginia}. In addition, Vitiligo Bond has been recognized by Congressman Hank Johnson. Congressman Johnson was also instrumental in our advocacy efforts to help get special recognition during the month of June from our President Obama to recognize and stand together with people who suffer with vitiligo. I believe that God created us for a purpose and everyone deserves the right to have fullness and a quality life. We all have the ability to shine. Vitiligo Bond Inc. is constantly working to raise awareness of the mysterious illness and use their platform in order to fund research that will hopefully lead to the discovery of the cause and a cure for vitiligo.

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