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Support and Services

The National Vitiligo Bond, Inc., Foundation (NVBIF) implements grassroots strategies and resources for coping and complementary and supportive therapies for people living with vitiligo.  Through our comprehensive social awareness program we are committed to advocacy, education, empowerment, support, and research.  Our goal is to improve the quality of life for youth and adult affected by vitiligo. Our philosophy is  a commitment to provide knowledge and invest time with vitiligans and their families, which could benefit future generations of people who will become affected by vitiligo, address, and transform their life experience

Below is a list of Support & Services provided by NVBIF:

NVBIF Online Help and Referrals to doctors and support groups

We offer online help to people living with vitiligo, their family, friends, and caregivers in the state of Georgia and beyond. You can reach our help line by direct message, email us at or call 404-997-2201.

Vitiligo Educational Materials

The NVBIF has professionally-approved medical educational materials available.  Click the link below or copy and paste so you can print out quick facts about vitiligo: 

Contact us  online to find out what free resources we can send you.

Referral Services

Vitiligo can cause an individual to have many needs.   We can refer you to local doctors or invite you to our local events.  Just connect with us online.

  • Support Groups

The goal of this group is to give vitiligans the highest possible quality of life, offering a variety of services, and support systems, and is intended to embrace the social and emotional needs of vitiligans and their families. They can have access to information, support, and identification of health-specific needs, through the development of educational and support networks to reach vitiligans, caregivers, professionals, and the public-at-large.

  • Support Group Assistance Program

NVBIF provides resources to new support groups in an effort to assit them in getting their support group off the ground.  We also use our platform to market events and other community resources.  For the past seven years, through a national campaign, we brought attention to vitiligo in 18 states within the United States.

Educational Opportunities

We provide different platforms for individuals to participate in educational opportunities, both in-person, or from the comfort of home.

  • Educational Seminars & Socials & Self-Esteem Building Events

Throughout the state of Georgia, we provide in-person educational opportunities through health fairs, workshops, and conferences for vitiligans, caregivers, and the medical community.  The presenters for these seminars are professionals who offer an unique opportunity to learn valuable information to equip individuals in coping with their daily journey of living with vitiligo. In addition, we provide “coming out” events to help our members socialize in different settings. Our Next event will be August 19, 2017.  Connect with us for more details.


Our eNewsletter  provides individuals with breaking information on vitiligo, upcoming events, and local opportunities for involvement.

For more information about National Vitligo Bond, Inc., Foundation Support and Services, please call our office at 404-997-2201. To donate to our program feel free to click the donate button on the right of the page or check out our website at

Thank you for your support!