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Georgia First Annual Vitiligo 5K Fun Walk/Run

We wanted to say thank you as we kick-off our (#GAGivesDay on #GivingTuesday) first annual 5K Vitiligo Toucan Fun Walk/Run. We are so grateful this year for our super advocates like Perry (Vitiligo Man of Action) Nicklya (KKutieStar), Tionta, Monyuette (VitChick), Justin(Grindpreneur) Oscar(Differ), Que, Vitiligo Queen, Nicole, Jamillia, Fanie, Maime, Jackie, Parentha, Jhori, Christina, Karl (CoachDunbar), Tammi… Read More

National Vitiligo Bond Inc Foundation #GAGives on #GivingTuesday

      Georgia Gives Day on #GivingTuesday is November 28th 2017!  Help make Georgia’s biggest day of giving even bigger: Show your love on November 28th by giving to National Vitiligo Bond Inc Foundation aka Vitiligo Bond Inc (VBI)! By contributing a little, together we can do a lot to further our mission.  … Read More


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