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Vitiligo Bond Charity Fashion & Photo Shoot

vitiligo winnieVitiligo Bond’s fashion exposure began when Winnie Harlow participated in a couple of our online campaigns in 2014 and 2015.

winnieWinne volunteered a couple of her photos to our vitiligo awareness social media program a few years ago.  Soon after our campaign one of our local community partners, Mrs. Richards knew of our program and wanted to showcase a few of our members.  vbfriendsbadge

We selected two members who turned into overnight models, Brittany and Nicole. Our next event was a sponsored fashion shoot by SMG Associates. Vitiligo Bond selected Ms. LaRue and Mr. King and this program was a huge success. Models were styled by Vanessa Henderson, House of Van Miller and Howard Glissepie Vintage Man II. Photography was done by William Roberts.brit&kerm

In 2015, Valerie from Vitfriends asked us to bring VBI’s fashion event to World Vitiligo Day. We hand selected April vitiligo bond's fashion show coverStar whose Mom had reached out to us for the Radical Selfie event in 2014 with Mrs. Richards.

We also selected Mrs. Grant, Ms. Evans, Ms. Jones, Mr. Whaley, Shaun, Joshua, and Ms. LaRue.  Their clothing was provided by Solumbra and Coolibar.  We would like to send a special thank you to our members and sponsors who made it all possible.  Stay tuned for more beautiful vitiligo campaigns.models