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Vitiligo was made popular by King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  Now with Chantelle Young, also known as Winnie Harlow who broke the glass ceiling in the fashion industry vitiligo is now becoming popular in the fashion industry.

Vitiligo can look like a birthmark or if your skin has been burned.

Vitiligo is a noncontagious auto immune skin disorder that affects the skin by changing the skin to white. Vitiligo affects males and females.  Vitiligo effects youth and adults. Vitiligo can be accompanied by other auto immune disorders. Vitiligo patient’s hair can turn white in the area where the skin turns white.

Free radicals get into the body and attack the pigment making cells of the body. Vitiligo can be an inherited genetic disorder. Vitiligo does affect you emotionally.  There are now more support groups available online for pwinnieeople needing community support.

Sun exposed skin is most prone to becoming irritated and white spots can appear in this area.  Many of our community members note that they were under emotional and or physical stress at the time they saw vitiligo appearance.  The sun does irritate the skin and causes it to become inflamed thereby causing more vitiligo white patches. Some of our members have also noted that some rubber products irritate their skin causing them to itch and later see white patches in the area.  Some of our members have also noted after using certain skin products that their skin became irritated and they noticed white patches in the area.

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