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Healing From Within

HEALING FROM WITHIN The concept of healing from within comes from the holistic approach to medicine. It deals with the human being as a whole and focuses, not only on the physical ailments but also on nursing the soul and the spirit of the person. Complete healing comes when you are bestowed with absolute physical… Read More

What is Koebner phenomenon?

It was described for the first time in 1872 by Heinrich Koebner, a well-known 19th century dermatologist, who gave it his name. Vitiligo/white patches may appear and develop on healthy skin which has suffered a trauma.  Traumas do not necessarily trigger the response. Did you de-pigment or re-pigment in an area where you had trauma to the skin?

Minority with Vitiligo-Free Download: Dr. Spritz Vitiligo Questionnaire

Free Download! Dr.-Spritz-Vitiligo-Questionnaire Information below provided by Vitiligo Support International! As many of you know, we are working to discover the genes that cause vitiligo. Understanding these genes will help us understand the basic biology, a key first step towards better treatments or cure. We have now completed the first large genetic studies in Caucasians,… Read More


Meet Darcel a fellow Trinidadian.  She is a successful clothing designer and she has vitiligo.  Darcel skin appears white because her skin naturally depigmented.  Darcel is also a member of Vitiligo Bond.  Click on the link below to see Darcel’s interview. Darcel’s Interveiw [socialpoll id=”2175254″]