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Natasha Pierre McCarthy is the Founder and Executive Director of Vitiligo Bond, Inc., the leading nonprofit support organization in Atlanta, Georgia for youth and adults with Vitiligo.  Mrs. McCarthy is also the author of Acceptance, Living with Vitiligo and a motivational youth picture book called, Joy, The Gifted Pianist.

Vitiligo is an autoimmune non contagious skin disorder that looks like white patches on the skin.  It affects any race, male or females and babies to adults can get it.  It is genetic anyone can get it and it also triggered by environmental triggers.  There are metabolic disorder linked to vitiligo such as low Vitamin D, diabetes, anemia, and thyroid issues.

Natasha started Vitiligo Bond, Inc. after her own diagnosis and dissatisfaction with the availability of support resources for the condition. By grace, since its founding in 2010, the organization has grown to thousands of members worldwide. Natasha has several programs designed to empower and bring awareness to people coping with vitiligo.

Natasha has a Bachelor of Science from Nyack College in Organizational Management and a Master’s in Organizational Management with a focus in strategic management.

The organization has been endorsed by Congressman Hank Johnson in the Congressional Record

Natasha has led a National Proclamation campaign with the help of local state volunteers in efforts to get vitiligo recognized with a National Day and for a changes to be made with the care of people living with vitiligo.

In 2015, President Barack Obama  recognized Vitiligo Bond’s efforts to raise awareness for vitiligo.  Currently Vitiligo Bond is working with Congressman Hank Johnson to get a National Vitiligo Bill enacted and a National Awareness Day.

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NIAMS/NIH Helpful Quick Facts About Vitiligo:

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Featured Volunteer Spokesperson & Youth Spokesmodel

Perry Whaley

Perry Whaley also known as the Credit Doctor is a vitiligo advocate.  Perry got connected to Vitiligo Bond through KK’s Mom Ms. Witherspoon.  Perry is a car sales consultant and is successful at what he does.  By grace, Perry has turned his life around and asked to volunteer at Vitiligo Bond.  Perry revealed to Mrs. McCarthy that he wanted to be a motivational speaker.  Mrs. McCarthy created a volunteer spokesperson role for Perry to gain experience.  Mrs. McCarthy encourage Perry to speak on his testimony on how he was incarcerated and he came out to turned his life around.

Nicklya Brantley

Nicklya also known as KK. KK is a super 12 year old advocate who has been with us for the past four years and she continues to bring awareness to people and her school and to let people know about her condition.  Nicklya’s Mom reached out to us via Facebook when the bullying started in school.

Today KK has the support she needs to be strong. KK is our rising star and is a youth spokesperson and spokesmodel in training.

For information, visit the Vitiligo Bond Inc. nonprofit website, or the Vitiligo Bond Inc., support network,

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Natasha Pierre McCarthy, Executive Director 404-997-2201,

Vitiligo Bond’s Vitiligo Awareness In Action:

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Some Highlights: Proclamations & Press Releases

Vitiligo Bond Inc., Vitiligo Awareness Campaign “30 City Tour” Press Release,4668,7-277-57577_59874-386235–,00.html

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North Carolina Vitiligo Awareness Month

Some Highlights From Vitiligo Bond Coordinated Awareness Events


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