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No More Bullying Vitiligo Youth

We had our first successful World Vitiligo Day event in Washington, DC on June 25th, 2016.  These are pictures from some of our youth representing for our vitiligo community.  Our youth was happy to see many people like them with vitiligo. This gave them hope and a sense of pride to know that they can overcome and… Read More

VBI’s Workshops-How To Love, Live, & Laugh With Vitiligo

Our uniquely designed workshop/program launched in 2010 is a community and online program created to empower our members and encourage them to let their light shine.  Since our launch we have be fortunate to light a spark in our members to express themselves and give them a platform to shine.  You can see many of our… Read More

How To Start A Support Group Guide

Vitiligo Bond’s Vitiligo Awareness Support Group Leader Events Guide © Who can start a support group? A Vitiligo Awareness Support group can be hosted by any one person or persons interested in serving as advocates for the mission and vision of Vitiligo Bond Inc. within their community. Why did we write a support guide? Many… Read More


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