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  • *2010-Ongoing Online Monthly: Self-Esteem Enrichment Projects (See below)
  • Encouraging and develop support group state leaders and volunteers
  •  May 28th-June 7th 2013 Vitiligo Awareness & Sun Protection Enrichment at Camp Warrior King
  • June 1st 2013 Launch/Reception & Book Signing
  • June 2013-Ongoing My Vitiligo Is Beautiful Because I Am Beautiful Online Photo Submission Contest
  • June 8th 2013 Caribbean Awareness Health Fair
  • January 2014-Ongoing: My Vitiligo Testimony Video Testimony
  • February 2014-Corporate Photo & Emory University & Vitiligo Bond Support Group Launch
  • June 2014 Vitiligo Awareness Month Events (Purple Your Facebook Profile, Health Event, Vitiligo Youth Promotion, Basketball Socials, State Events, Vitiligo Partner Summer Camp, Become A Mentor, Vitiligo Self Expression through Fashion & Art)
  • December 2014-Annual Toys for Tots
  • June 2015 Vitiligo Awareness Month Events
  • July 2015 Vitiligo Self-Esteem Fashion Photo Shoot (Photos publishes in Detroit Impact Magazine)
  • December 2015-Annual Toys for Tots
  • December 2015-June 2016 Plan & Organize World Vitiligo Day Washington DC
  • June 2016 (Purple Your Facebook Profile, Health Event, Vitiligo Youth Promotion, Basketball Socials)
  • August 2016-Ongoing Escape Colorism:  Be The True You 30 City Tour
  • November 2016- Escape Colorism: Be The True You Press Conference
  • November 2016-Youth & Adult Photo Holiday Photo
  • December 2016-Annual Toys for Tots
  • February 2017-Special Event (Details Coming Soon)



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Vitiligo Bond Presents My Vit is Beautiful!

Vitiligo Bond Presents My Vit is Beautiful!

Vitiligo Bond's Camouflage Makeup Workshop

Vitiligo Bond’s Camouflage Makeup Workshop

Meet & Greet (2/12/2012)

Meet & Greet (2/12/2012)